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how to use "comment"

👉🏽 Mastering questions in French is essential to comprehension. It's what you're going to hear most often when meeting new people and in turn, you'll want to ask questions in French too.


COMMENT? - The literal translation is "how or what" but it's a versatile adverb for finding out information.


  • comment ça va? - how's it going?

  • comment vas-tu OR (tu vas)? - how are you?

  • comment ça s'est passé ? - how's it been? (referring to a specific event or general recap)


  • comment tu t'appelles? - how's it going?

  • comment il/elle s'appelle ? - what's his/her name?

  • comment vous vous appelez ? - what's your name? (formal)


  • comment tu dis? - how do you say?

  • comment ça marche ? - how does this work? (referring to object)

  • comment est-ce possible? - how is this possible?

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