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using "par contre"

👉🏽PAR CONTRE 👉🏽(pAHR-kOHN-trUH) - means although or however. It's used to contrast two statements. This is similar to using mais however (😆 )par contre has more intentionality.

👉🏽Using this expression will make your vocabulary standout in conversation. I've broken down a few specific situations where you can realistically use this.

*petite erreur: pizza is feminine so it's pronounced LA pizza, not LE


👉🏽Likes & Dislikes

j'aime la pizza, par n'aime pas la pizza quand il y a des ananas

i like pizza, although...I don’t like pizza when there’s pineapple


je crois que le film commence à 19h30, par contre je ne suis pas sûr.

I believe the movie starts at 7:30, although I’m not sure


j’aime le t-shirt bleu, par contre j’aime le t-shirt rouge (aussi)

I like the blue T-shirt, although I like the red T-shirt (as well)


je sais parler français, par contre pas couramment

i know how to speak French although not fluently


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