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You're here because you want to learn French differently.
Textbooks and self-study apps have helped, but there's something missing, right?
My name is Malcolm, your coach and guide to achieving social success in a foreign language.

Let's get started.

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About Me

Salut, I'm Malcolm, your French coach and guide here at FrenchwithCousteaux. You should know a few things about me and how I can help you achieve your language goals.

I was born in New York City, but raised in Brooklyn & a small town called Blaye, in the southwest region of France. My dad sent me to spend my youth with my French family, where I became fully immersed in the language and culture.

By age 15 I was fluent and had taught myself how to read and write. I took up teaching French in 2020 after earning my degree in digital marketing and started an Instagram account dedicated to teaching. More recently, as an official Babbel Live teacher.

I saw so many frustrated English-speaking peers struggle with learning French, so I created an engaging and fun space for those who wanted to begin, improve, and better understand the language.

Since then, I've helped thousands of people online feel confident about speaking and understanding from my unique cultural perspective.

Hope you come along!


Private Classes


Build a more authentic sounding accent while maintaining your voice and tone. Achieve better listener comprehension and less awkward moments.


Understand the relevant concepts that will allow you speak freer and learn the shortcuts. Spend less time on learning rules that just don't apply.


You will only go as far as you can speak in French. I'll be your sound board and support to help you take what you know, and turn it into what you will speak.


Modern French is what's spoken today. So why learn outdated phrases and slang? Express your self with the right expressions and terms that native speakers know.

With my classes, you'll be able to speak confidently, gain better perspective, stay motivated and ultimately have fun while learning regardless of current level.

Ready to learn French today?

Kick-start your learning with these digital resources on getting conversational in French faster. Filled with activities and lessons, perfect for every beginner's needs!

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